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Re: [ga] percentages and numbers of cases

Dave Crocker wrote:

> You probably also hope that it does not mean that I think people with red
> hair are inferior to others.

What are your statistics to back up that statement? Cite examples. Document
your claim.

How can you accurately determine that redheads are actually inferior to blondes
or brunettes, given that they can be genetically brunette or blonde as well
(which determines the intensity of the red haircolour)? Since a redhead can be
a blonde or a brunette as well, it stands to reason that they cannot be
actually inferior to both, without accurately determining if blondes and
brunettes are of equal standing. Its also possible that blondes may be inferior
to brunettes (given the preponderance of blonde jokes) so its highly likely
that auburn redheads might not be the same as strawberry coloured redheads.

What this has descended into, is a lot of undocumented claims about redheads
being inferior to blondes and brunettes.

Robin (a redhead, of course. I have no vested bias or interests in the outcomes
of redhead research. :o) )
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