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RE: [ga] percentages and numbers of cases

At 11:09 08.04.2001 -0700, Roeland Meyer wrote:
> > Having heard one or another report that someone, somewhere
> > has some sort of
> > problem does not warrant making a change to ensure that that
> > particular
> > thing never happens again.
>However, it is a serious complaint that a performance tracking system does
>not exist for UDRP. It is simple to construct one and WIPO ain't broke.

I believe (based on a conversation with a WIPO person) that WIPO in fact 
does performance tracking for the UDRP as executed by WIPO.

However, this:

a) does nothing for ensuring consistency between UDRP providers
b) is unlikely to be made public, because it reflects directly on
    personnel issues, which are usually privacy-restricted.

I doubt the "simple" part of the statement above, though. What to track can 
be really fun to try to describe. But agree that no measurements = very 
little knowledge; it's a worthwhile exercise.

(BTW, wrt the "someone, somewhere" above: reports of problems that have 
domain names and WIPO/NADF/xxx docket numbers are quite a bit easier to 
discuss than "someone once reported that they had a problem".....)

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