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Re: [ga] percentages and numbers of cases

At 11:26 pm +0200 4/7/01, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
>in the case of guinness-really-sucks.com, the defendant didn't bother to
>reply (having registered the domain in a fit of pique after the UDRP had
>taken guiness and/or guinnes away from him, if I remember the details
>right, I suppose he saw no reason to bother....)

My next domain purchase would have been


Andrew P. Gardner
barcelona.com stolen, stmoritz.com stays. What's uniform about the UDRP?
We could ask ICANN to send WIPO a clue, but do they have any to spare?
Get active: http://www.domain-owners.org http://www.tldlobby.com
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