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Re: [ga] percentages and numbers of cases

>Of course very few cases have been taken to court.  The losers who have
>the good cases are frequently people without money and without lawyers.

Isn't that one of the good points in the UDRP?
I mean, the UDRP gives the possibility to deal with the case without the 
need to invest a lot of money.

Of course, there have been *bad* decisions, but the questions are (supposing 
to be able to identify the *bad* decisions):
- how many bad decisions (in percentage), and what are the corresponding 
values for regular courts
- is there inconsistency in the decisions (i.e. no clear common policy), and 
to which extent (%, again)
- how can we address this (I guess Sandy Harris mentioned this earlier 

I have seen a lot of "UDRP sucks", "No, it doesn't", but maybe the focus is 
"what sucks, and how can it be changed".

Back to the original question, somebody knows how many UDRP decisions have 
been overturned by normal courts?


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