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RE: Re[2]: [ga] serious participation in ICANN processes

I believe there were some cases where they issued long domains, rescinded
them, and then they were put back into the general pool when long domains
were allowed about 18 months ago.  There were also the cases of domains that
contained the string "sh**".   NSI filtered these for a time and then
started issuing them after Japanese customers complained.  They did not go
back and issue the domains via first-come, first served but released them
anew.  I am not sure if they actually took any domains away that were
successfully registered.   In the case of fu**.com and some other "dirty"
domains NSI refused to issue them and was sued.  NSI won the case.  After
the case was over the domains were released to the general public and were
registered via registrars who did not censor.

ICANN took away 158 of my "trailing hyphen" domains.  I have asked them to
give me first right to re-register if they are allowed in the future.  ICANN
won't answer me on that request.

Russ Smith

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Thanks. That helps. But it seems our situation is somewhat unique: there
being a few cases where ICANN or NSI took back a domain (example.com and
e.com) but no other case I know of where they just changed their mind again
and put it back in the general pool. Or am I wrong?


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