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[ga] withdrawal of candidacy

Withdrawal of candidacy

	With the humblest of apologies to everyone involved in the process
of electing a new chair for the General Assembly, I find that I have to
withdraw my name as a candidate.  I've concluded - belatedly - that I
simply don't have the time just now that the position of GA Chair demands,
and I'm unwilling to accept the responsibility of election and then do a
half-baked job.  I apologize deeply, because I should have come to this
conclusion before standing for election in the first place.  (Actually, I
did initially come to this conclusion, and on this basis declined the
nomination; later on, colleagues convinced me to accept a nomination after
all.  But after a lot of thought, I've concluded that I was right the
first time.)  It's obviously disruptive to the process for me to pull out
at this point, with the election already in process.  Luckily, the
instant-runoff voting system will allow any votes that people may have
cast for me to be redistributed to other candidates.  Again, I apologize
for the late withdrawal; I should have come to this conclusion earlier.  
But I've decided that it's better (though embarrassing) for me to pull out
of the process now, than to win election to the job but be unable to do it
justice, while paying a price in my family and professional commitments.

	I'm genuinely thankful for the support people have given me and
for the kind words folks have said about me on the ga list.  I'm surely
going to continue participating on the list.  And I'm confident that
whoever *is* elected to the position of GA Chair is going to do a great


Jonathan Weinberg

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