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Re: [ga] Cairo DNSO GA meeting agenda

>Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 15:34:38 +0800
>From: James Seng <jseng@pobox.org.sg>

>While I am supportive of an agenda or DNSO WG to discuss IDN, I was also
>informed that cairo meeting may be too early and pre-mature to open this

In fact in Feb. 26 meeting in Seoul on the issue, we had a straw poll
on whether or not to have a DNSO WG for this, and the result was as

	a) definitely not  --  1
	b) postpone until consensus  --  11
	c) definitely Now  --  12

One person argued that among 12 of c), there were 5 persons from one
commercial company, and he said that this poll was unfair.

I think the discussion from technical side is still premature, so
it's too early to have a DNSO WG.

Naomasa Maruyama (Vice President of JPNIC)

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