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RE: [ga] Who has standing


>Please don't say that I said that developing countries doesn't have a 
>in the DNS story , I just said that everybody who is aware of the DNSO 
>ICANN has at least 20 dollars in pocket to participate!!! That's 
>different. Because to be aware of ICANN you need at least a computer 
and a
>modem, isn't it?

Not necessarily true.

You don't need to "own" a computer, you just need to "have access to" a 
computer and a modem (and the telephone line behind that, which may well
 be sometimes *the real problem* in countries with a different 
development model).

Don't misunderstand me, I believe that the vast majority (if not the 
totality) of the people that are participating *here and now* to the 
debate over ICANN *do have* the $20, but I think that it is one of the 
roles of ICANN (and therefore of its Supporting Organizations) not to 
institutionalize this barreer.

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