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Re: [ga] Who has standing

> Please don't say that I said that developing countries doesn't have a
> in the DNS story , I just said that everybody who is aware of the DNSO and
> ICANN has at least 20 dollars in pocket to participate!!! That's something
> different. Because to be aware of ICANN you need at least a computer and a
> modem, isn't it?

1. we are only exchanging ideas and no one is saying anyone said.
2. there exist several people in my region who have heard of ICANN and
concerned about its impact especially future but cannot afford $20!? hence
the thought above is unacceptable.

> About the At Large : it costs nothing so no problem for everybody to
> participate. You still need a computer and a modem so what about people
> having that materiel?????? and they have a stake because those are the
> future user and buyer of domain names !!!!!!

this is also true of the GA so where is the new idea here? we want both GA
and at-large to be conscious of this large community who currently use at
best a form of universal access. such groups should not be disenfranchised
even further by our decisions.


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