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Re: [ga] Who has standing

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Kent Crispin wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 01, 2000 at 11:47:52AM +1300, Joop Teernstra wrote:
> > >
> > Nii is absolutely right.
> Indeed he is.


> > There are many people without computers who participate on the Net.  They
> > have the right to be at large members in ICANN.
> > 
> > But these are largely not the people who register Domains or  have
> > otherwise a stake in the DNS to justify their membership of the DNSO GA.
> People who don't have domain names clearly have a stake in the DNS,
> because they will get domain names in the future.  For example, policies
> that led to domain names costing hundreds of dollars each have vastly
> different consequences than policies that lead to domain names costing a
> dollar.  By your reasoning developing countries that currently have very
> few domain names don't have any stake in the DNS, and can therefore be
> ignored.  That is patently false. 

No its not.
You say it yourself "developing countries" have a say in DNSO
by the very fact, that they have a ccTLD. But the individuals
should have their say via the At Large membership. Please
remember, that they will have NINE seats on the board. That
is definately enough !


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