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RE: [ga] Proposal: WWW / slashdot


An ideal world would be everything for free but unfornately I don't think
our world is working like that.
 Yes I know, this is a shame, but if people are really interested in the
Domain Name issues I think it's worth for them to invest let's say 20-30$
per year (the highest price we would ask, but lower would be better).
 In all case participants in these forum still have the money to buy a
computer, to get an internet connection so don't come with arguments like:
"what about people without any ressources!!"

Jean-Michel Becar
ETSI Project Manager
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From: Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law
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I would be wary of hitching my cart to these oxen.  ICANN appears to view
the current 'no-fee' memberships as temporary.  What happens when they
start to charge?

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

> At 05:44 28.02.00 +0000, Jean-Michel Becar wrote:
> >Harald, Michael,
> >
> >But the way the At Large members is registered via this Web Interface
> >be an example for the GA membership.
> >But the way the proof of identity is done (by sending a postal mail to
> >pysical address with a PIN code to be used for accessing to the web site)
> >would cost too much for the GA.
> >So why not to set up a web site where people can registrer themselves and
> >for the proof of identity and interest in the GA DNSO, they should
provide a
> >domain name that can be verified with a whois request if the domain name
> >holder is the same as the member.
> and if they don't hold any domain names?
> For those that do, it's possible - but we'll have to do something for the 
> rest. (And, of course, domain names can cost down to USD 10 these days)
> another idea I had - what if we considered an activated At Large
> necessary and sufficient for voting rights in the GA?
> This would have a couple of advantages:
> - ICANN has to do the verification work anyway, so it's only done once
> - More active use of the ICANN membership code gives more chance that 
> weaknesses in the system will be found and corrected
> - It's a drive (a small one) for At Large membership
> Of course, this leaves us without the power to impose or enforce our own 
> membership rules, requires people to be willing to sign up for At Large 
> membership, and requires that the people running the At Large are willing 
> to share at least some information.
> But it's an idea.
>                        Harald
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> Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway
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