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[ga] FW: UPDATE: ICANN-Cairo Remote Participation Details

I just sent the message below to all Cairo remote participation
preregistrants (and something similar to those planning to attend in

For the benefit of those on this list who haven't yet registered but want to
receive such information.

Ben Edelman
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Harvard Law School

-----Original Message-----
From: Ben Edelman [mailto:edelman@law.harvard.edu]
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2000 2:59 PM
To: ICANN-Cairo Remote Participation Preregistrants
Subject: UPDATE: ICANN-Cairo Remote Participation Details


You are receiving this message because you preregistered to attend ICANN's
upcoming public meetings in Cairo, Egypt (March 7-10) via webcast.

To better plan which sessions to attend, you may find it helpful to review
the schedule ICANN has recently posted at
<http://www.icann.org/cairo2000/cairo-details.htm#schedule>.  That page also
links to a number of relevant documents to be discussed in ICANN's Cairo
meetings, in addition to public comment spaces on major agenda items.

We intend to make available complete archives of each day's meetings at the
conclusion of each day; go to <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/cairo> to
access such archives, to join the webcast, and to preregister others to
attend in person or remotely.

Access to the remote participation system requires a 28.8kbps or faster
modem, with best access over 56k or faster connections.  Access to the live
audio and video feeds requires the RealPlayer, version 5.0 or later (G2 or
later preferred), available for free from
<http://www.real.com/products/player>.  Finally, access to the live chat
area requires a JAVA-capable browser (IE or Netscape version 3 or later) or
a dedicated IRC client.

Finally, if you're not already subscribed to ICANN's announcements list, you
may find it helpful to join in order to receive important future
announcements from ICANN.  See
<http://www.icann.org/announcements/announcements.htm> for instructions.

Ben Edelman
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Harvard Law School

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