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[ga] Matters to discuss

Now that the list is a quiet place to work, it would be a shame if we still 
couldn't get any work done.......

the immediate questions confronted by the GA (and therefore valid items for 
discussion on the GA list) are:

- Who are the GA members?
   - What is the definition of a GA member?
   - How do we check that people conform to the definition?
- How does the GA decide?
   - How is a decision (or alternate decisions) proposed to the GA?
   - How does the GA choose to make (or not make) a decision?

And lastly, the inevitable:

- Given that we have the two problems above solved, how can we use this
   solution to get a permanent set of rules for the GA mailing list?

I think that's the right order..... we'll have a meeting in Cairo (I 
think), which will be well positioned to garner input from the committed 
ICANNistas who show up there; this list will garner input from the list 

What do you think?


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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