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Re: [ga] Purpose of GA

Hi, Josh.

You wrote:

>Can someone tell me the purpose of the GA?  It seems to me that the 
>involved in the DNSO are represented by constituencies.  Any reason the
>was formed?

In principle, to allow for a forum where all people involved in the DNSO
 could interact (i.e. people that were working in different 
Constituencies and Working Groups, and also people that were not part of
 any constituency).

>  Obviously, not much of anything gets accomplished on this list.

The GA is not only this mailing list, but the set of all people involved
 in the DNSO. This includes the subscribers to this list, but also those
 who are not subscribers to this list, but active otherwise 
(Constituencies, Working Groups, etc.).

Even if this list would be discontinued - which I doubt, BTW - the GA as
 concept of "DNSO Membership" will remain.

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