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Re: [ga] IDNO list chair election results

>Congratulations Dinesh Nair - I may just join again - the list that is -
>we already are a member in the idno.  I have faith in Dinesh Nair, and if
>I do join again - my main objective will be increasing the idno membership
>rolls significantly.
>Joe Baptista
>P.s. - how do you feel about increasing idno membership rolls - is that a
>priority Dinesh?

Increasing the membership of the IDNO was one of the aims of the original
steering committee. unfortunately, when we were about to take the first
step towards doing this (moving the web site to a better connected server,
dropping ColdFusion, and ramping the site up. Joop "El Presidente" Ternstra
saw tat hew would lose absolute control of the IDNO, so kneecapped the
Steering Committee.

Later on, when we tried to get the mailing lists moved (again to a better
connected site and a better system), and when it bevcame apparent that the
best option was not with Joop's innner circle, El Presidente kneecapped one
of the committee members charged with investigating the options and got the
lists moved to a host where his buddy controlled it.

Some things change, some things stay the same.

Whne was the last month the the IDNO membership _increased_ rather than
_decreased_? We'll probably never know, as Joop has total control.

Andrew P. Gardner

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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