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RE: [ga] IDNO list chair election results

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On 17-Feb-2000 Joop Teernstra wrote:
> Since aspersions were cast in this forum on the integrity of the IDNO
> Polls after a few hours of voting, (WXW, "Voter fraud in IDNO Chair
> elections") I promised you the full results.
> They also go some way to prove that the IDNO is far from "dead".

No, really, they don't.  

> Out of 29 on the discussion list voters' roll (as opposed to the 162 voters
> membership- wide)  17 cast their (multiple) votes. 
> Dinesh Nair, a software engineer from Malaysia was elected with 11 votes. 
> Wiliam Walsh' candidate, Andy Gardner from New Zealand, received 7 votes.
> Dominic Baron, also from New Zealand received 5 votes.

The vote was using an unorthodox and flawed voting system that Joop decided by
fiat would be used.  He always does this, selecting the voting method that
gives him the most likelihood of getting his way.

This is just one of a series of decisions (and there have been a slew of them
recently) that Joop has decided by fiat.

> The Chair holds the job for 3 months. It's pretty demanding, as you can
> well imagine.  :->

Yes, especially when the Founder is as manipulative of the Chair as he has been
in the past.

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