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RE: [ga] Re: [ga-full] Use of "loon"

On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Christopher Ambler wrote:

> How about we put everyone on this list up for a vote. We then all
> vote yea or nay on who should remain. Then we vote upon how we'll
> vote to format the email. I prefer ASCII, but some like HTML. Then
> I think we should vote on what we all will have for lunch
> tomorrow, and anyone who doesn't like sushi is kicked off the
> list.

Oh Chris - you a man after my heart.  I love sushi.

> Once we've done that, we then all go home happy, and listen to
> the conference call of the rest of the Internet community laughing
> at this whole joke, while ICANN makes a pronouncement that there
> is wide community consensus to ban domain names altogether. In
> case anyone hasn't noticed, ICANN has been making decisions
> independent of this illustrious body since day-one. We are,
> in a word, irrelevant.

exactly - therefore I'm all for your proposal let's have some sushi.  I
agree with your observations - since day one the GA has been irrelavant,
so we might as well have some sushi.

> But this list is still amusing. It would be frustrating if it
> weren't for the fact that the real work is being done elsewhere,
> and this list is bread and circuses for the half of you on
> this list not participating elsewhere.

Still - it's the only place those who do not participat eleswhere may have
their voice.  However I don't know how long that will last.  The GA is one
foot away from it's grave, curtesy of our chair and alternate.

Joe Baptista

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