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[ga] Re: Use of "loon"

On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

> So far, every single message I have had suggests that calling Joe Baptista 
> a loon is language that should cause the utterer's suspension from the list.

It's in the rules Harald.  Just a gentle reminder.

> If that's a common opinion on the list, I will modify my judgment criteria 
> accordingly.

How sweet of you.

> Note that the revised judgment criteria will also include a number of other 
> words formerly tolerated; they are (in my judgment) weaker than 
> "horse-shitters", but stronger than "loon".

Explain yourself Harald.  I certainly have no idea what your going on
about here.  Are you telling me it's OK now under the rules to call people
loons.  So I can't say your a horse shitter - but it's OK to call you
Harald the Loon?

> Is that OK with everyone?

No Harald - people are telling you your behaving impartially.  read and
learn Harald - read and learn.

Joe Baptista

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