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Re: [ga] disclaimer


You wrote:
>let me see - this is the same person who has been accusing people of 
>comparing them to Hitler, calling them drunks or executioners, and even
>"premadonnas" (whatever that is) - not to mention casting aspersions on
>their morals, competence, honesty and intelligence.
>All of which went unremarked and uncensored.

Exactly! ;>)

But why does this surprise you?

I cannot speak for others, but for myself, the insults are weighted by 
my opinion of the "insulter".
If I get a reproach by people like Karl Auerbach, just to make an 
example, I will feel very upset, but probably you will never see me 
complain about what Joe Baptista sais about me: I just don't care.

(Of course, other people may feel differently, and your job is to make 
an "objective" evaluation of the offense before taking action on a 
complaint - but I just wanted to let you know why I did not file one)


P.S.: "Premadonna" is probably the style of singing before the arrival 
of Madonna, as opposed to "postmadonna".
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