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Re: [ga] disclaimer

On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

> At 16:16 16.02.00 -0500, !Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:
> >Harald - I am asking officially in your capacity that you censor Mr. Walsh
> >for his staments made below.  Calling someone a loon is a violation of the
> >rules and I anticipate you will provide Walsh the appropriate warnings.
> let me see - this is the same person who has been accusing people of fraud, 
> comparing them to Hitler, calling them drunks or executioners, and even 
> "premadonnas" (whatever that is) - not to mention casting aspersions on 
> their morals, competence, honesty and intelligence.

these are know truths the alternate and chair must live with - and truths
other have expressed - were we subjected to electoral fraud - yes we
were.  You yourself admitted you knew the polling process could be abused
before you choose it, joop has also confirmed this - and your
rationalization for this electoral fraud was that you were testing the
integrety of the ga user base.  Harald were you appointed as out alternate
chair for the purpose of conducting experiments on the membership - i
think not.  Did we pick you for the job - no we did not.  Have you lost
credibility and people in the process - yes you have.  You are here only
at the pleasure of ICANN.

and that's about it.  the rest of your comments are irrelevant - except as
they show a complete lack of adherence to your own proceedure.

> All of which went unremarked and uncensored.

> Now you want censorship of William for calling you a loon, which is 
> probably about the mildest term he could have chosen for his opinion of you.

No I don't want you to censor him - I want you to obey your own
rules.  But if you want to make your rules optional only to those who
desearve your sweet kisses, then hey I have to live with it.  It's your
right as dictator here to conduct yourself as you see fit.  It is your
right as our dictator to disobey your own rules.  That is after all the
right of a dictator - to be a hypocrit.

> Sorry; there must be equal treatment under the rules.

So - can we confirm here that you decline to take action in accordance
with your rules.  And by so saying this - we can assume it's not OK to
call people "Horse Shitters" - but loon is OK?

Is that correct?

Joe Baptista

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