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[ga] [Admin] Complaint about William Walsh' recent posting

With regard to William Walsh' recent posting attacking Joop Ternstra, I've 
had some private email conversation with William Walsh.

The posting was clearly (to me) outside the boundaries for acceptable 
behaviour that the rules attempt to draw.

He has promised to try to voice his opinion of Joop Ternstra, when he 
voices it, in a manner acceptable to the list; it is not the business of 
the list monitor to attempt to change what people think, only how they 
express it.

The relevant parts of his response are:


 >I will however, make an honest effort to tone down my messages to the GA list
 >about him and the IDNO.


 >If my refusal to totally abandon this way of dealing with him is not
 >to you, then by all means do what you have to do, Harald.  You will not be
 >thought less of by me.  I knew what I was posting, and I accept full
 >responsibility for it.


 >If my assurance that I will tone down the name calling and the negative
 >characterizations is not sufficient that I stand to you judgement.

As list monitor, I regard this message as sufficient documentation that my 
warning has been heard and understood, and will take no further action at 
this time.

Any later occurence of such messages from William Walsh will be dealt with 

                  Harald Tveit Alvestrand
                  List monitor, GA list

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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