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[ga] Re: {Special notice to Harald Alvestrand} for: Re: [ga-abuse] Re: Identity claims

At 14:49 14.02.00 -0500, DillonM0081@aol.com wrote:
>But I am curious
>enough to be willing to 'Chat' with you. So if you have a phone
>Number please send it to me if you would.

You can call me at +47 92 84 49 07.
What was your number again?

>BTW two things.  You never answered my questions and you
>never provided James or Bob and address or phone/fax number
>by which any documentation that could be sent anyway.

I don't have a personal fax number (I use my company's faxes), so I thought 
I'd check which of them to use before sending it to them.
They seem to have decided not to send anything, so that's not a problem.
For phone - see above.

For physical mail - use this one:

    Harald Alvestrand
    EDB Maxware
    N-7064 Trondheim

(That address was also published in RFC 2434 in October 1998, so it's not 
exactly a secret. I'm easy to find.)

>  Why
>not?  I know they ask for a secure one.  I think that is a smart
>or very wise requirement for sending personal or confidential
>information.  I always require the same if it is someone I am not
>familiar with that is requesting such information.

The concept of "secure" fax is interesting, but not terribly useful; there 
are no open standards for "secure" faxes.

>   And with me
>anyway regular or registered mail for this sort of information
>in this type of deal, would be completely out of the question.

Any particular reason for that?

>If you find that strange, and some do, well that is your privilege
>and I don't give a dam!  This is one of the strong points of
>INEGROUP I think.

OK - I note that you're placing yourself into the category of people 
unwilling to provide any indication of their existence.

>   Well anyway at this point, I will close here and say, I await
>you phone Number for our 'Chat' >-:)

Awaiting your call with curiosity.
Note that it's 11 PM over here, so it's not likely you'll get to call 
before I go to bed. And I don't sleep near this phone.

Have fun!


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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