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Re: [ga-abuse] Re: Identity claims (Re: [ga] Another Resignation)

Harald and everybody else,

  My name is David Jenson.  What's yours?  .  I have met Bob and James
both many times, so I know whom they are.  Known Jeff for many
years too.  My first meeting with Bob Davis, Jeff Williams was
present was quite a few years ago now in Austin Texas area at Bob's
retreat home there just outside of Austin.  I have also met with Bob
at Jeff's office (Nice Digs) in the Dallas area on many occasions.  The 
last meeting I had with Bob was in November Just after Thanksgiving I 
think, not sure of the exact date though.  Dillon Marshall at 
dillonm0081@aol.com, was also present, as was James Touton 
and quite a few other people that I didn't know.  I was introduced to 
so many I don't remember all of their names.  One of them name 
was Bill Baird (I don't have an E-Mail address), and no, I didn't ask 
for his ID. >-:) I thought that might be a little too imposing and 
conspicuous, if you know what I mean.  I can't say just exactly 
how many times I have met with James or Bob though, I don't
keep count, but it has been quite a few.

  I have just been setting back and been following along, but mostly I just
see a bunch of manipulation going on that seems to be so far out of
line I can't believe what I am reading most of the time.  Why are you
picking on Bob and James in this way, anyway?  What have they
done to deserve this sort of treatment?  Seems awful intrusive to me.

  It seems to me that they have provided enough information from what
I have read.  More than is really necessary and more than anyone else
I have seen or even heard of provide.   Just curious you understand.
It seems like there is some sort of singly directed attack on any
INEGROUP member ( I have seen the stuff William Walsh puts out
too), sad.

  Well anyway, I hope this is helpful to you Harald.  >-:)  And if I can
answer any more questions you might have, please let me know, ok?

David "Dude" Jenson


In a message dated 2/14/00 12:45:28 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
Harald@Alvestrand.no writes:

<< At 02:49 14.02.00 -0500, Dnsipv6@aol.com wrote:
 >Harald and everybody else,
 >   I have known Bob Davis for some 7 years, and James Touton
 >for about 4 yrs.  And I have met with both of them on many
 >occasions over these time frames.  They are both very real people
 >and extremely reliable and honest individuals.  If you have any
 >specific questions I will be happy to answer them if I can.
 Sure. What's your name?
 About these 2 "individuals": Can you name a place and a time at which you 
 met them, and at least one other person, unaffiliated with the INEGroup, 
 but reachable by email, who was present at the meeting?
 >   I hope that I will also not be accused of not being real for standing
 >up for James and Bob here.  It does seem that from what I have read
 >here that this is extremely possible if not probable.  I get the impression
 >that there is some sort of "Witch Hunt" going on here with James and
 >Bob as the victims.
 The target is Jeff Williams' ability to use multiple personalities on the 
 GA list.
 >David "Dude" Jepson

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