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Re: [ga] [Admin] Removal of monitoring for Joe Baptista


You wrote:
>I'd say that when one person is responsible for a number of posts per 
day that
>is multitudes times the total posts from all other members of the lists
>there is a credible reason for the moderator to take action on their 

I would just make a plea in favour of a solution already proposed for 
this list, and already operating (without major problems) in other ICANN
-related lists: the limitation of the number and/or volume of posting 
per unit of time by subscribers.

Not to have this limit is an incentive to send tons of maybe useless 
messages to the list. Moreover, it discriminates among people that do 
have to pay for the communication (and moreover against palces where the
 price of such communication is higher).

In absence of an approved rule of this type, I doubt that the moderator 
can take actions.

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