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Re: [ga] Exclusion of Jeff Williams for 2 weeks

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On 07-Feb-2000 Mikki Barry wrote:
> I asked to be taken off this list, as I have resigned in disgust from 
> the GA.  Please honor my wishes and remove me immediately.  Thank you.

It is really too bad that you get so uptight over what are nothing more than
very simple and basic rules of civil discourse.

But of course, if rules of politeness and taking the (temporary) consequences
for being uncivil, are too much for you to handle, then perhaps it is best for
you to do so.    Important lists with that have business to conduct don't have
time for incivility and games, that you refuse to accept that is your own
personal decision, and reflects much more on you, than on the list rules.

This is not directly only at Mikki, it is directed to everyone who is trying to
 make a scene out of this.

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