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RE: Re: [ga] Re: electoral fraud by the ga chair

Nothing since Tuesday??!?!

Are we all watching the hacker attack?

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> Bradley,
> >I agree with you on this and would like to remind you that in the 
> future
> >we should proceed with an email based system that delivers the ballot 
> to
> >the voter. A web based system requires that the participant do so much
> >more than merely respond to an email, and Joop Teernstra's system is
> >furthermore riddled with ridicule and accusations of fraud - and not 
> just
> >by me.
> Yes, I really think that when we will hold the vote it will be done via 
> E-Mail.
> The ballot on the web had some advantages, at least I thought so, in 
> terms of the possibility of having the situation in real time.
> It is true, though, that participation may be increased with systems 
> that require less time to cast the vote, like E-Mail (as you note 
> below).
> >
> >voter participation can, I am sure, be increased by making it 
> exceedingly
> >easy to cast a ballot. An email based system will do just that. No one
> >even has to pour over the archives of the list if sufficient background
>  on
> >an issue is included.
> >
> Regards
> Roberto