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Re: [ga] Voters interest and Defining a voter's roll

Roberto, David and all,

  Evidence of actual existence can be handled simply through a CA digital
cert.  That much is nearly globally expectable in commerce, which should be
good enough here.  But proving actual existence would require much more than

that without violating a persons right to privacy.  Hence there needs to be
a balance struck.  Therefore a Digital SInged cert is or should be more
than sufficient.

Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> David Schutt wrote:
> >
> >If you are referring to me, I'm now subscribed to the list. I've always
> >thought there might be others doing the same thing, but I don't
> >really know.
> There's also another consideration, IMHO.
> Once we define a voting mechanism, it should be general, not focused
> only about the vote on matters related to the list.
> We badly need a voting mechanism for the "whole GA", that is not only
> the mailing list, but also the people that choose not to subscribe to it
> , for whatever reason, but participate in other activities, like the
> WGs.
> That's why I like the current proposal of "registering" independently
> from subscription to the list, and I disagree with Joop's formulation
> below:
> >
> >> >In other words for list issues the total voter's roll is nothing
> more than
> >> >the subscriber list at any given time.
> David Schutt again:
> >
> >I think the registration role should be public, but not including
> actual
> >email addresses so that it can't be abused by spammers and others whom
> >registrants might not want to receive email from.
> >
> >Public information could be Name, affiliation (if any) and country of
> >citizenship. This should be sufficient for anyone to 'recognize' a
> >registrant, and allow challenges to the list if someone thinks it is
> >being filled with non-existent people. Requiring id up front would be
> >cumbersome and expensive, but if a specific challenge (with some
> >reasoning and/or evidence) is made, the subject of the challenge
> >should come up with some evidence of actual existence.
> I could not agree more.
> In fact, we may find out that the challenges will be very few, which
> will never justify a cost up front. Moreover, the request for proof of
> existence up front may be a further barreer to participation, reducing
> the already small voting population.
> >
> >Start simple and lightweight, but be aware that problems may occur
> >and that they will have to be dealt with.
> >
> >Multiple registration list maintainers is also a good idea, if
> >volunteers can be found. Share the burden and responsibility.
> >
> Regards
> Roberto


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