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{Special attn Marilyn Cade] to:Re: [ga] Re: What list forwards towhat list

Marilyn and everybody else,

  No Marilyn your previous post was not very clear.  I for one thank you
for clarifying it here.  Thank you.  :)  Clarity is always refreshing!

David "Dude" Jenson
INEGRoup-East Director

In a message dated 1/28/00 6:29:28 AM Pacific Standard Time, mcade@att.com 

<< Sorry, I thought my language was clear.  I meant whomever was "writing" a
 particular thought, or suggestion, or proposal.  I don't think I capitalized
 "Speaker"; didn't mean to.  It was intended in the same sense that I might
 say "I am speaking".  Clearer?
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 Marilyn and all,
   Excuse me Marilyn, but what "Speaker" are you referring to?  Do you
 possibly mean "Poster" or "Assembly Member" here?  Please clarify.
   To my knowledge the DNSO has no designated "Speaker" to date.
 For that matter there is no legitimate "Chair" or Legitimate "Co-Chair",
 or even a legitimate NC...  But of course you already know this.  >;)
 Cade,Marilyn S - LGA wrote:
 > I am seeing those of us who post spending our time arguing about what
 > individual point of view is about a subject. Is that the purpose of ga?  I
 > don't think it is, and I am looking forward to seeing a path to
 > communication which might be like a conversation where individuals respect
 > the speaker, even if they don't agree with the viewpoint.  That might
 > some of us to better understand each other -- even if not everyone...
 > That might be progress of some kind.
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 > On 28-Jan-2000 david@aminal.com wrote:
 > > Communication via email is DIFFERENT. Profoundly different. A disruptive
 > > email
 > > does not create a physical barrier to other communications, it is
 > trivially
 > > easy to physically ignore an email. You can communicate just as if it
 > didn't
 > > exist at all.
 > It most certainly does create a barrier.  Not a physical one, but no less
 > strong a barrier anyway.
 > > I find it astounding. >>