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More William Walsh False aspersions/dilusions to:Re: [ga] Message too long (>40000 chars)

William and all,

William X. Walsh wrote:

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> On 26-Jan-2000 Karl Auerbach wrote:
> >
> >> So we are not chosing between "moderation" and "no moderation".  We are
> >> instead chosing between "conscious visible accountable moderation by
> >> good guys" vs "stochastic malicious moderation by bad guys".  As things
> >> currently stand, the "bad guys" are filtering "good guys" off the list.
> >
> > Nonesense.  You are asserting that your sargeants can muzzle those who say
> > things you don't like to hear.
> This isn't about people saying things we don't like to hear, it's about people
> who actions are disruptive in nature, and violate every precept of civil
> discourse.

  Same thing, different rendition William.  Or a Rose by any other name
smells the same.  Yours stinks as far as I and our members are concerned.

> Sorry, Karl, but I'm really getting sick of this being dragged out.

  Then have a barf bag surgically installed on your lower lip.  Maybe
that will help.

> The rules are in place, either make good or on your threats to leave so we can
> move on, or drop it so we can move on.  Either way, it's time to move on to
> substantive matters.

  Moving on is something that does need to be done to be sure.  But not until
or unless inconsistencies and fraudulent practices are properly corrected first.
Sorry William, but no cigar here!

> Just remember, you are the one who ELECTS to leave because of the existance of
> simple rules of civil discourse being adopted.

  No rules of DIscourse have been adopted to date william.  I know you have
wonderful delusions from time to time, this is one of them, but please try to
get a grip on reality.

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