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Re: [ga] Message from the Chair

At 16:09 26.01.00 -0500, Alex Kamantauskas wrote:

>  One guarantee that I would like is that when a person breaks the rules,
>  the list be informed that the offender is going to be excluded.

 From the rules:

>Both sanctions are imposed for a limited period of time (typically 2 
>weeks), and are announced on the mailing list.

>   I guess
>  I'm just wary of the of the vagueness of "failure to behave" clause.  As
>  a hypothetical example, say person A  holds a certain position, and the SAA
>  (or SAAs) hold an opposite position, and person A is excluded, ostensibly
>  for "failing to behave" but really because the SAA doesn't like their
>  position.  If the list were informed by the SAA that "Person A is being
>  excluded because of the following reasons", and its obvious that person A
>  is being railroaded, than the resulting furor caused by that would be
>  enough of a guarantee that some form of justice would be served.

Undoubtedly. That's why I put it in there.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway