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[ga] Proposal for list rules/actions - and a voting procedure

Roberto and all,

  Roberto, your apology is excepted, although not needed as you serve
nor legitimate function to the DNSO "General Assembly" presently.

  On the matter regarding SAA or SAA's in general, I believe this is
yet to be even legitimately a consideration at this time.  First order of
business for the "General Assembly" is to get Voting procedures
in place, as Harald indicated in an earlier post, that everyone or
at least a significant majority can live with and agree to.  This however
poses a chicken and egg problem, obviously.

  I propose the following for purposes of getting things off to a good
and ligetimate start in the matter of Voting procedure:

1.) That the existing rules set up for the voting for the fraudulent
      election ending October 8th '99 be use for the interim on proposals
      for a permanent voting procedure.
      a.) This process should be carried out by a neutral party on a
            voting site or provider such as vote.com or an equivalent.

2.) That once #1 is completed, that a vote for whom is Chair and
      are NC and ICANN At Large Board members be held with
      at least two weeks of broad announcements thru various sources so
      as to provide for wide participation of as many Stakeholders as

3.) That any proposal for a voting procedure that anyone on the DNSO GA
     list or any other lists discussing these matters be posted to the
     site for review and a two week period be set for discussion after all

     proposals are in.

Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> Patrick,
> >
> >Again my apologies that I did not recall this correctly. I would note
> >however that Roberto has in his call for volunteers referred to a
> singular
> >SAA. Roberto, could you clarify this?
> >
> I remember having explicitely written: call for volounteers, but I am
> also quite sure I used "SAA" instead of "SAAs". I really meant this in
> the plural, and I thought that was clear enough, but I was wrong.
> Please accept my apologies.
> RG


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