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Re: Motion to the membership to:[Fwd: [ga] Result of the poll]

James, Jeff and everyone else,

  I also support this proposal as well...

David "Dude" Jenson

In a message dated 1/21/00 6:40:32 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
jim.touton@netzero.net writes:

<< eff and all DNSO'ers,
   I support this motion.
 Jeff Williams wrote:
 > All,
 >   I second Joe Baptista's comments.  In that I see that others do as
 > well
 > I would like to propose a motion to the General Assembly Membership
 > as we don't have a legitimate Chair presently.
 > Motion:
 >   To provide for additional proposals for list and General Assembly
 > designation before a vote is taken.  And further that any and all
 > proposals be made available on the DNSO Web site for review as
 > well as voted upon via a method that protects privacy of the voter
 > on any and all proposals.  The proposal that receives the most
 > affirmative votes is than carried and implemented ASAP by the DNSO
 > List admin and the yet to be legitimately elected NC
 > Regards,
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