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Re: [ga] Message from the Chair

> I continue to maintain my stand that the nomenclature chosen, ga@dnso.org
> for the filtered version of the list and ga-unfiltered @dnso for the
> everything submitted version contains a bias.

As I have said before, if the primary list, the one that is used to
measure voice/votes/membership in the GA is censored, then I leave the GA,

If some private group wants to establish its own "private" or "censured"
list, then let that group do so, on their own, and in the privacy of their
own computers.

If some people want to engage in Lillipution logic and contort themselves
around some notion that there is an equivalence between a name in an
/etc/aliases file and membership in the GA, then I'm happy to let those
people forever swirl and swirl and swirl and swirl...

There are those of us who want the GA to actually *do* something.

And I suggest that we start with a simple approach:

One, uncensored, archived mailing list - ga@dnso.org.

Private censored lists are private matters.

Only natural people on ga@dnso.org can post.  Thus those on private lists
had better subscribe to ga@dnso.org - but they can send that to /dev/null
and read their private censored versions.

And with regard to mailing lists: no statement need be made regarding the
GA as a decision making body.  (Although I find no harm in a statement
that recognizes that unless the GA stands up and proclaims itself, Helen
Keller had more opportunity to become a star in musical motion pictures
than the GA has to become a meaningful forum for DNS matters.)