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Re: [ga] Message from the Chair

> But the rules you support include a pesky little rider saying that the GA
> is not a decision-making body.

If one looks at the ICANN bylaws, it is a true statement.

However, it is a statement that ought not to remain true.

The GA is currently devoid of any meaningful function.  (Even the
naming of candidates to ICANN board seats has been shown to be a sham.)

I find that the statement to which you refer to be a statement indicating
that GA ought to forever remain a useless appendage and a placebo.

In that case, why do we have a GA?  Certainly we have enough other
vehicles for conversations.

I note that there was a response to you saying in effect, "we are talking
only about list rules".

Well, were that true, then why is there any statement at all about whether
the GA is or is not a decision making body?