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Re: [ga] http://www.icannt.com The tragady?

Andy and all DNSO'ers,

  I am afraid you are right, Andy.  More of the same is coming.  I am off
tomorrow to New Hampshire and Iowa to meet with some of our candidates
to discuss some of this.  After returning earlier this week from and extended
tour of the EU, I am finding that ICANN has gained attention it likely did
not want.

Andy Gardner wrote:

> >All,
> >
> >  FYI, Http://www.icannt.com  - Sort of says it all?
> Heh heh. The "all rights revoked" bit would be funny, if it wasn't true, as
> some of the customers of that bulk register found out a few days ago.
> More of the same coming, I'm afraid.
> Andrew P. Gardner
> Never suggest to your Mother to shop on-line for a pearl necklace.

James Touton
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