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Re: [ga] So far, 28 poll answers logged

Bradley and all,

  Yes, Kent did.  But his E-Mail Vote Bot does not allow for private
voting as all members by name and E-Mail address are viewable.
Not a very good Vote Bot, unfortunately.

IDNO Bootstrap wrote:

> Mikael,
> I believe you can ask kent@songbird.com
> If I'm not mistaken, he has a system which will work for anyone with
> access to email. I think he offered it for free too.
> After all, this is an email list - not an http forum.
> On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, Mikael Pawlo wrote:
> > Is there some way to vote manually?
> > My vote doesn't seem to be registered, though several tries.
> >
> > Mikael
> >
> >
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