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Re: [ga] So far, 28 poll answers logged

Joop Teernstra wrote:
> Those interested in the full truth of what happened in the first Steering
> Committee of the IDNO, the trigger event, provided by Joe Baptista, the
> attempted capture of the SC by William Walsh and "Bradley  Thornton" before
> an agreed structure was in place and their vendetta of slander when the
> majority refused to roll over, can find it all in the idno archives.
> http://list.idno.org/archives
> Just as ICANN can learn lessons for its General Membership structure from
> what is happening here, history of what happened in the IDNO  is already
> repeating itself.

The lesson to be learned here, I think, Joop, is that mailing lists
are not, after all, a useful way of accomplishing good things. There
will always be vengeful, unhappy people like Walsh and agents
provocateurs like Crispin and Crocker to disrupt them.

Three or four people of like mind who trust each other can
accomplish more, by telephone, than this rag-tag of little Caesars
and neurotic sociopaths. That is what the ICANN Board realizes, and
why they have so far beaten us.

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