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[ga] Idle suggestion

I don't know whether Prof. Froomkin's intriguing suggestion that the ga
should become the basis for the at-large membership of ICANN bears any
weight. One fears not. However, let's see:

Vote at http://www.josmarian.ch 'Enlargement of DNSO General Assembly to
make basis of ICANN membership' or http://vote.Pollit.com/webpoll/172545

This is an idle query, and is in no way designed to draw away from
Joop's able efforts with IDNO, where he has obviously been paid the
compliment of people pretending to be him, it might be worth asking the
question. And who knows, if some can vote with different IPs on
different computers with different identities frequently enough, you
might make a quorum to take the mighty vox populi of the DNSO forward to
merger with the other SO's and something useful, now that there is able
leadership in the form of Roberto and Harald, buttressed by the
ex-officio moderation of Ms Rony, Mr Baptista and Mr Williams, plus a
set of rules.

1. Paradise Regained Let's say we get 2500 votes, with 1800 in favour.
Jeff gets Vint Cerf to send a message to all the civil servants in the
US government and they take the hint. Take it forward to the next ICANN
meeting. Put it to the Board as a fait accompli.

2. Paradise Lost Let's say we don't. In an informal straw poll, of 61
people checking a similar votebot over a period of 60 days from abour
300, 7 thought a question concerning the type of people who should be
concerned in an at-large membership important enought to vote, with
negligible results. Maslow was right.

Perhaps if there is interest, .Roberto could be mandated to mandate Joop
to set up the proper procedures, etc. as chair.