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RE: [ga] Comments from Pawlo

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On 19-Jan-2000 Alex Kamantauskas wrote:
>>> The way to combat the noisemakers is to give them the amount of
>>> attention they deserve, which is none.  Proposing rules to deal with
>>> them is no better than responding to them - it merely feeds their egos.
>> When the rules are in place, the noisemakers will be silenced.  And then
>> there will be no noise relating to them.
>  Which leads into the reason, and the only reason, that I want an
>  "unfiltered" list.  I'm not exactly sure what constitutes a "noisemaker"
>  If a "noisemaker" is someone like Jeff Williams or Joe Baptista, then of
>  course I don't mind them being filtered.  However, what if the
>  "noisemaker" is someone who is presenting a position contrary to the list
>  majority, and is beginning to gain a consensus?  I'm not saying that this
>  will ever happen, but if that person is deemed a "noisemaker" by the
>  powers that be and is removed from the list, at least their record will
>  remain on the unfiltered list.  Yes, along with the noise that will
>  surely flood the unfiltered list, but there are many deft enough with
>  their own private filters that the unfiltered list can be just as useful
>  as the filtered list (and perhaps even *more* useful).
>  That is really my only concern.

I'm satisfied that the rules are sufficiently transparent that they will only
be used when absolutely necessary to deal with real problems.

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