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Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

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On 18-Jan-2000 Ellen Rony wrote:
>>On Tue, Jan 18, 2000 Kent Crispin wrote:
>>Sorry, you misunderstand the intent.  The unfiltered list is not the
>>"true record".
> A true record of a mailing list is everything submitted to it--warts and
> all.  A subset of that true record is any version that is monitored,
> summarized or limited in some manner.
> The historical archive (i.e., true record) would include all messages, not
> just those that some gatekeeper(s) felt were relevant.  All
> discussion--even that which is self-serving, uninformative, misleading,
> misguided, inaccurate, repetitive, off-topic, outrageous, banal, and/or
> boring--is part of the mailing list process and the true record.
> People who have time constraints may prefer to use one of the subsets of
> the true record, e.g., a moderated list, list digest, filtered recipient
> list, or cherry-picked reading list.  None of these approaches represent
> the true record.
> Thus, the true record, or *untouched* mailing list, should be the one that
> appears at ga@dnso.org.

I disagree completely and totally.  That reduces this mailing list to nothing
more than the garbage that the IFWP list has turned into.

The sole purpose of the unfilter list is to deal with questions of censorship
regarding actions taken under the list policies.  That is the SOLE purpose of
that list.

Other than that it serves no other purpose.

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