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Re: [ga] Register.com beware! Cybersquating is getting dangerous...


Do you know the situatiom rgarding E.com?  Do you have links to any
articles on it?  I'd be intrested in information on it.

I remember not long ago IANA had almost all the single letter domains
reserved.  Now it seems something happened with Register.com
re-registering many of them,  I hadn't heard anything about this


On Sat, 15 Jan 2000, Jeff Williams wrote:

> All,
>   See:
> http://cnniw.newsreal.com/cgi-bin/NewsService?osform_template=pages/cnniwStory&ID=cnniw&storypath=News/Story_2000_01_15.NRdb@2@0@3@2143&path=News/Category.NRdb@2@17@2@11
>   I would say that Register.com had best get it's proverbial act
> together
> regarding some of it's recent escapades.  E.COM for instance...
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