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Re: [ga] Positions so far on mailing list policy

Harald and all,

  You can update your questionably accurate tabulations indicating
that I am NOT in favor with you proposal Harald.

David "Dude" Jenson
INEGRoup-East Director

In a message dated 1/13/00 3:02:03 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
Harald@Alvestrand.no writes:

<< --------------------
 OK, that's the first day.
 I counted 15 respondents to the policy document; I interpreted 10 as "in 
 favour of something roughly like this", 3 against (2 because they don't 
 think anything should be blocked, and 1 - Baptista - because he wants 
 Robert's Rules), and 2 didn't seem to give an opinion yet.
 A number of issues have been raised, including:
 - Whether the possibility of asking for identification belongs here
 - Whether posting by "handle" rather than by name should be permitted
 - Whether the "who" command should be enabled
 - Whether the "unfiltered" list should be archived at the DNSO site
 - Whether that archive, if made, should be public
 - Who (the chair, the SAA or the GA) should decide to take action against
    an offender.
 I've summarized the positions I've been able to interpret in the attached 
 table (HTML format), and also put it on the Web at 
 Of course, this is NOT a vote - but if I have misrepresented someone's 
 position, or someone wants to fill in the empty places in the table, please 
 tell me ASAP!
 This will be input to a revision of the policy document that I hope to do 
 before the weekend; I hope we can do an opinion poll on that revision to 
 see if it's possible to say that the GA list membership recommends its