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RE: [ga] Proposal for mailing list policy

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On 14-Jan-2000 John B. Reynolds wrote:
> After giving the matter some thought, I have to agree with Karl's position.
> We may believe that censorship will only be used against kooks, but in

It isn't censorship.

> The analogy to public meetings that has been used by some in this debate is
> flawed.  Public meetings are time and space dependent.  In such a forum,
> those who attempt to monopolize discussion or otherwise create disruption
> are stealing time that could have been used by others who wish to
> participate.  Mailing list messages (except in the rare case where their
> volume is great enough to constitute a denial of service attack) do not have
> the same effect.  The messages from the subscribers in question, as

But indeed they do.  And in FACT we have seen it be the case on this very list.

This list has been the example that proves that the analogy has a basis in fact.

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