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Re: [ga] Proposal for mailing list policy

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I seperated my comments on your post about the list policy. The prior message
was about the posts regarding the GA and NC. This addresses the ontopic porton
about mail list policy.

On 13-Jan-2000 Karl Auerbach wrote:
>> There exists an open list that can be subscribed to: ga-unfiltered@dnso.org.
> The official list of the GA must be totally uncensored.

This is your opinion.  And an opinion that appears to be vastly a minority
opinion.  Thankfully in my opinion.  

You equate list rules with censorship.  I disagree with that characterization. 
EVERY forum has rules for participation, and there are means for removal of
people who disrupt the forum.  This is true offline and online.  There is
simply no justification for calling that censorship.

It is running a responsible forum.

>> The existence of this list will make it possible to have independent
>> verification of what the filtering function does.
> No "independent verification" is possible unless the list is fully and
> completely archived.

You, and anyone else who so chooses, including the poor misunderstood
gentlemen from INEG and PCCF, are free to do just that.

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