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Re: [ga] Proposal for mailing list policy


Yes, very pragmatic. Three quibbles

(i) I think the question of identity is paramount. Surely the list manager can
be charged with finding the cheapest possible method (email, call, postal) that
he feels satisfactory, and he, if challenged can ask the list whether it feels
that the method chosen is sufficient, or whether further (costly) verification
is necessary..

(ii) Although I am not a proponent of your 'IETF-censored' approach, I assume
that this approach could be taken for those too lazy to set filters for
unwelcome ideas or criticism, or trying to find only professional signals
within the domain of the discourse.

(iii) Why not make the membership public?

Mark Measday

Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

> Here's an attempt at formulating a coherent and useful mailing list policy.
> It would be useful if we could take this as a basis for discussion; what I
> expect to happen is that we get a "sense of the list" and modify the
> proposal in light of comments, make a new proposal near the end of the
> week, and attempt to take an opinion poll on the result, ending early next
> week.
> One thing that I'm particularly unsure about in this proposal is the
> requirement to be able to verify identity if demanded; this is a costly
> operation with many inherent problems wrt privacy/free speech, standards of
> proof and so on.
> If implemented at all, I think the suggested method is something like what
> it would have to be, but I'd like to see if there is list support for
> either keeping it or dropping it altogether.
> Comments?
>              Harald Tveit Alvestrand
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