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Re: [ga] silence in RROR v. PAB

Mark and all,

  Of course Kent and I suspect the DNSO and the ICANN board takes
this position or attitude as it fits their purposes nicely.  However you
are quite right Mark.

Mark C. Langston wrote:

> Kent claims that in RROR, silence=assent.
> Kent is wrong.
> In RROR (and in the rules I proposed), silence=acceptance of will of
> the majority.  Silence equals heads not counted.
> In PAB (stop insisting I didn't read the rules, Kent.  I did.  Several
> times.  Closely.  If you're looking at web logs, I didn't do it from
> this system.) silence literally means "I approve of what is being put
> to a vote."  Heads are counted, and they are counted in the
> affirmative.
> There is an incredible difference between the two.  As someone capable
> of writing code, Kent should easily recognize this distinction.
> Anyone capable of grasping simple math should also see the difference.
> For whatever reason (political or personal) he sees fit to insist
> there is no difference.  He is quite wrong.  Prove it to yourself:
> Imagine 20 people.  They are voting on question X.
> 6 vote no, 4 vote yes, 10 abstain (i.e., are silent).
> (the 6 no votes are the majority of ballots cast)
> Under my proposal:
>   Question X fails, 6 to 4 against.  The 10 silent members are not
>   included in the tally, period.  The silent people gave up their
>   right to sway the vote by not participating.
>   Majority wins the vote.
> Under Kent's rules:
>   Question X passes, 14 to 6 in favor.  The 10 silent members are
>   included in the tally, in favor of the question.  The silent
>   people, who are silent for unknown reasons because they are silent,
>   sway the vote.
>   Majority loses the vote.
> If you institute this rule, any body governed by it here will in all
> likelihood be stuffed with accounts from which nothing ever issues.
> These silent accounts will simply stuff the ballot box.  But you're
> familiar with that process, Kent.  You've already admitted publically
> to registering false accounts to these lists for the sole purpose of
> voting.
> Yes, you've been involved in this process longer than I have.  But
> I appear to have a talent you don't:  The ability to count.
> Now, stop trying to railroad "rough consensus" into this process.  You
> tried to do it in WG-C, and it failed.  You tried to do it in WG-D,
> and got nowhere.  Now you're trying it here.
> It will not work.  We have proof that it will not work.  It's been
> tried in the WGs and has been found to be lacking.
> Finally, please stop associating me with Joop's organization.  I quit
> a long time ago.
> --
> Mark C. Langston
> mark@bitshift.org
> Systems Admin
> San Jose, CA


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