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RE: [ga] vaticano.org allegations

One of the things that "seems odd" about this story is that the message from
NSI that is quoted in the press release is a response to an attempt to
modify contact information and/or name servers, not a payment attempt.
Another is that vaticano.org is *not* now registered to the Vatican:

 Antonio Cappella (VATICANO17-DOM)
    Via Prati della Farnesina 43
    Rome, RM 00194

    Domain Name: VATICANO.ORG

    Administrative Contact:
       Francesco, De Menna  (DMF160)  dmf@DMS.IT
       ++39-06-2291650 (FAX) ++39-06-2291650
    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
       De Menna, Giancarlo  (GD3295)  dmg@DMS.IT
       ++39-06-2291650 (FAX) ++39-06-2291650
    Billing Contact:
       DM Soft S.r.l.  (DS705-ORG)  dmsoft@DMS.IT
 Fax- ++39-6-2291650

    Record last updated on 10-Dec-1999.
    Record created on 10-Dec-1999.
    Database last updated on 10-Jan-2000 13:08:41 EST.

    Domain servers in listed order:


Compare to:

 Vatican City State, Holy See Secretariatof State (VATICAN4-DOM)
    Cortile del Triangolo
    Vatican City, Vatican City State 00120

    Domain Name: VATICAN.NET

    Administrative Contact:
       Zoebelein, Judith [Sister]  (JZ146)  sjz@VATICAN.VA
    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
       Pasquini, Stefano  (PS368)  pasquini@VATICAN.VA
       +39-06-69882354 (FAX) +39-06-69882067

    Record last updated on 25-Nov-1996.
    Record created on 25-Jun-1996.
    Database last updated on 10-Jan-2000 13:08:41 EST.

    Domain servers in listed order:


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> Subject: [ga] vaticano.org allegations
> According to the web page at http://www.rtmark.com/etoyvaticano.html,
> Network solutions spontaneously refused to allow the owners or
> vaticano.org to re-register the domain, and transferred it to the Vatican.
> It had been, the web page says, a heretical site.
> Here's the key allegation (reformatted):
> "At the expiring of the first year of contract , Network Solutions (the
> company that sells Internet domain names), prevented 0100101110101101.ORG
> from renewing the contract of "vaticano.org", which had been regularly
> bought. Network Solutions refused all the attempts of payment and,
> immediately upon the expiring of the contract, sold the domain name to a
> Catholic association in Rome.
> "> From: Domain Registration Role Account domreg@internic.net
> > Subject: Re: MODIFY DOMAIN vaticano.org
> >
> > Your request for MODIFY DOMAIN vaticano.org. could not be automatically
> processed.
> >
> > Your request has been queued for manual processing. This
> request will be
> processed in
> > accordance with established procedures."
> There are some things about the story that seem odd, not least the claim
> that original registration was just for one year (I thought they were
> always for 2 years?).
> Nevertheless, I would like to hear Network Solutions' side of the story,
> please.
> If it were the case that NetSol spontaneously refuses re-registrations for
> religious or political reasons, this would of course confirm every worst
> fear people have had about the DNS being used as a chokepoint to make it
> more difficult for some ideas to be found on the Internet.
> NSI knows that, which is why this is so hard to believe.
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