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[ga-udrp] GA-TM changed to GA-UDRP

As you know six mailing lists have been established to provide a ready forum
for GA discussion.  It is early days yet but some of these list have been
very successful.

However, some members have expressed a desire for clearer definition between
the two lists, GA-EXT and GA-INT.  These are meant to represent "external
relationships" and "internal processes" respectively.  Another list name,
that of GA-TM, could perhaps also be improved.

It has therefore been decided to rename three of the lists as follows:

(1)    GA-EXT will be changed to GA-ICANN.  This list will deal with
anything external to the GA but most particularly ICANN including its
structure and relationships.

(2)    GA-INT will be changed to GA-RULES.  This list will continue to deal
with rules, internal procedures and the like but the new name makes its role
a lot clearer.

(3)    GA-TM will be changed to GA-UDRP.  It is, perhaps, not true to
suggest that this list deals with "trademarks" as it only deals with the
effect of this issue on domain names.  This occurs mainly though the UDRP

The new names are effective on 21 May 2001.

Any postings to these lists, or subscribe requests, should use the new names
from that time.  Members are encouraged to make full use of these lists to
conduct their debate. We are confident that these changes will help us all to
better appreciate the role of these new lists.

Yours faithfully
DNSO Secretariat
(on behalf of the GA Chair and Alternate)
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