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Re: [ga-org] ORG.COOP

on 6/18/01 11:27 AM, Marc Schneiders at marc@schneiders.org wrote:

> What do you think about the idea to turn .ORG into a cooperation,
> owned by the registrants? These would then elect the board that
> 'rules' it. This could also function as an experiment in online
> democracy. Elections are relatively easy to organize on the basis of
> whois information already in place.

Now here's an intriguing idea! But how is it structured to accomodate
continuous expansion of share ownership? Is this a non-profit? Why not a
for-profit operation owned by existing Registrants? Would ICANN run the
elections on behalf of the coop using the VeriSign $5million? If not who
would ? (and a million other questions).....please expand.


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