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Re: [ga-org] First Ten Policy Questions

At 11:52 10.06.2001 +0200, Alexander Svensson wrote:
>0) What shall be the *purpose* of .org?

Agreed that this is a primary question.

>(a) a TLD for non-commercial purposes (and all
>     current registrants?)

this definition is an "eye of the beholder" thing, rather like the one NSI 
claimed to conform to in the first years - "if someone claims to be or have 
a non-commercial purpose, we will believe him on his word".

>(b) a TLD for non-commercial organizations (and
>     all current registrants?)

this definition is so dependent on the definition of "non-commercial" that 
it is very hard to live with - see the problems the NCDNHC has been having.

>(c) an uncharterted TLD (with or without UDRP)

that is not what RFC 1591 wanted it to be, but seems to be what NSI has 
been running it as.

>(d) ...?

My preliminary conclusion: (b) is impractical. the difference between (a) 
and (c) is that there will be more hypocrisy under (a) than under (c).

since I don't love fomenting hypocrisy, I tend towards (c).

(throwing a curve ball into the discussion: would it be interesting to 
discuss a scheme whereby the fees for .com would be higher than for NSI, 
but where documented not-for-profit organizations got a very low fee? 
carrot rather than stick....?...probably unreasonable because just glancing 
at the documentation of non-profit status would cost far more than 
registering the domain....)

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